How to delete/remove friend from facebook on iPhone

Ever needed to delete the friend in your friend list on facebook while using the facebook application for iPhone, and surprised to find that there is no such option for removing the friend from the list available? Don’t worry! i’m here to help you out in this situation to show you how to delete friends on facebook iphone.

How to delete/remove friend from facebook on iPhone

Facebook application for iphone doesn’t have this feature in it along with many other, to remove the people you have in your friend list. There are couple of ways to achieve this as follow:

1. Call for Help

No, its not that i m studying surgery these days, that i advised to call for help in case of emergency :P, this step implies that if you trust some one enough to give them your facebook password, you should CALL them and ask for help, to do it from their computer for you.

(btw, if you really trust some one that much to provide your id and pass, of facebook or anything similar, 99% cases, you should reconsider . . . your psychological status . . .)

2. Using Safari

Ok so next, and appropriate measure is to use facebook on safari . . but hey! wait! that’s not all! let this page be open while you go to facebook using safari on iphone, because you need to read what’s next to achieve what you are trying to do.

When we Open facebook on safari web browser using iphone, it opens the mobile version of the site, not the full version, but luckily it gives the option to open the full version at the footer (bottom end) of the page. Simply load facebook and go to the bottom of the page and click Full site.

Once on the full site, click on the top menu link Friends. As you can’t see the drop down menu list on iphone safari version, so you can’t simply goto friends > all friends right from the top menu. So you need to goto friends page first.

Once on the friends page, in the left menu, click on Friends again.

This will show the list of friends as it shows if you go via friends > all friends from top menu directly.

Now in that list find the person you want to be removed from your friend list, and once you find him, move to the right side of page to see a cross to the right of that person name’s row.

Click on the cross sign on the right of the person’s name that you want to be unfriended.

This will open a popup to confirm if you really want to remove that person from your friend’s list. If you want him/her to be removed from the list click on confirm otherwise click cancel.

If you don’t find the pop up upon clicking the cross to the right of the persons name that you want to be unfriended, then use your brain and fingers a bit and goto top of the page, because the popup appears at the top of the page :p

Hope it helped you delete friends on facebook on iphone :)

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  1. So I can’t remove a friend from facebook using my iPhone app. The first resolve is crazy and the second obvious. Appreciate the help attempt though. Ta

  2. Wth is wrong with these ppl?? Making this FB app without being able to delete ppl on your friends list, really? That’s like making a car w No^ brakes… *sigh* maybe one day they will get it right. Thanks for the help even tho it’s common sence

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