Download AVG 9.0 antivirus – 1 year free promo is offering free AVG anti-virus license for an year, worth $34.99, absolutely free. This promo is going to be available in future date so you can get ready to avail it as soon as it becomes available.

The promo will be live between Tuesday, 31st of August mid day CET (central European time) to mid day CET 1st of September 2010 on

So set the reminder on your cell phone and don’t miss this fabulous chance to get the AVG anti-virus annual license for free from v3 software store! Get your pc protected for complete year for free!

The promo says:

You can believe us when we say we’ve been working on this promotion for over 6 months. It’s finally here and confirmed: we’re giving you AVG AntiVirus 9 [1-PC, 1-Year], worth £26.99, completely free, for ONE day only. This promo is exclusive to the Incisive Media Software Store. The promotion will be live between midday CET (central European time) Tuesday 31st of August and midday CET 1st of September 2010.

Note, that although we have many thousands of AVG AntiVirus 9 [1-PC, 1-Year] codes to giveaway for free, and everyone can get a code, if the codes expire early, the giveaway promotion will also end early.

5 comments on “Download AVG 9.0 antivirus – 1 year free promo

  1. I am amazed that such an amazing product is available for free, thank you AVG makers! However, in my experience, AVG Free Download sometimes does not detect email viruses which my Norton easily pic.

  2. Hi, there, james, i had purchase a AVG Anti Virus Free 8.0 and i am satisfy using this software. It is powered by real time shield to prevent anti-Mal ware, anti-virus, spy ware with life time updates. My laptop hard disk was completely corrupted with full of virus. after using AVG Anti Virus Free 8.0 my laptop hard disk in now virus protected. it not only protect but automatically update itself

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