Adsense income gone down suddenly (almost 10% left only)

Well, this blog is not my main source of income though, but I had monetized it for last 3-4 months.

In past couple of weeks, the Google Adsense income went down markedly to only 10% of the amount that I was getting before. Had it been smart priced? or some other reason?

Well there are many things going on though. I made few changes to the blog layout and stuff and settings in adsense, but not sure which one really caused it. Reverting them didn’t help much too!

I am suspicious that it has been smart priced because the ctr is almost same but cpc is very low now!

I don’t see any logical reason of this drop in income, however there can be some non-technical reason, as you may say I am bit superstitious type of person!

Well I hope it goes up again so that I will have more urge to keep the blog active!

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