Adsense income markedly went down these days suddenly – solution

Bloggers, specially technology related blogs or otherwise general blogs too, might have noticed severe decline in their adsense income in last few days (or week). Ya, it happened with me too. I will be telling you how to solve this issue in this post.

Google adsense income usually goes up and down, its not a big deal though, but when it goes down markedly (below 50% or more) and stays there for couple of days, showing there is something wrong going on, then you should get alarmed and do something to solve the issue of markedly low income.

In my opinion, it happened these days due to Google adwords and Adobe advertisements. Let me tell you how.

First of all, most of the technology related people already have google adwords account, so it’s of no interest for them. For others, they don’t even understand what Google adwards is for! so again a down fall.

Another cause, the adobe advertisements, are same reason too. Those who need adobe products already have them installed and working right there on their computers, which those who don’t know, don’t care either.

One last but not least is youtube videos links in ads. This is not new, is happening for long, but is also cause of very low cpm or ppc value.

So in my humble opinion, you should block these advertisers in google adsense competitive ad filter, I have only these three blocked in my adsense as of August/september 2011 too:


Let me know if you need any help regarding this.

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