Alternates to MS Office – Free and Paid alternatives to microsoft

MS office has become one very important part of our every day computing because of the programs it covers like

  • microsoft word (ms-word)
  • microsoft powerpoint (ms-powerpoint)
  • microsoft excel (ms-excel)
  • microsoft access (ms-access)
  • and a wide range of microsoft office tools

But ofcourse they are not free! So many of us out there who can’t afford them or lost our produce keys etc who now need to utilize any of the ms office products, there are some free and paid alternatives available out there which are some times more powerful than microsoft office alternatives and some times almost identical. Such as:

Paid software alternates to microsoft office:

First of all we’ll go with the paid software that provide the functionality similar to MS Office, and can be used as an alternate to microsoft office in most cases.

The paid alternate softwares to ms office include:

  1. Oracle – Staroffice
  2. Corel – Wordperfect Office
  3. Apple – Appleworks

Free software alternates to microsoft office:

Here comes the list of free softwares that provide the functionality similar to MS Office, all for free!

Don’t underestimate the power of free, specially the opensource softwares! They are quite good and provide enough functionality for routine tasks, if not better than MS Office!

Free alternates to MS Office include:

  1. OpenOffice
  2. IBM – Lotus Symphony
  3. GenomeOffice
  4. KOffice (old link not working: )
  5. AjaxWrite
  6. Zoho
  7. Google Docs

Hopefully these alternates will be able to replace the Microsoft Office produce in your software library and may even prove to be better than ms office itself.

Let me know if you know more or better softwares to add to this list or if there’s any correction needed.

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