april 1 – when ppl try to compete that who’s the biggest “liar” and most “unreliable”

April 1 has become a global day for lying and giving fake info to people. Making fun of them if they “believe” in you.

So what is this day then? a day to prove and compete that who is the biggest liar? and that who is the most unreliable one? or to make fun of those who trust and believe you?

Many websites and companies has lied on this day and shattered their image today. Like google (with their fake google motion prank).

Some small and cheap blogs has also used this day to gain attention and fake the news to gain some cheap traffic. In the end, they might lose the regular traffic too, because they will realize how unreliable they are!

So my advice, stop fooling people, not even as a joke, because no matter what your intention was, you just broke someone trust in you.

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