Are you Graphical or Technical Programmer?

In october 2008, a friend of mine asked me something which I’ll like to share with you today.

He asked me, why I always started directly from coding into html css when I have to design a website, rather than first making the mockup in photoshop first! because according to him that was the proper way of doing it.

Honestly speaking, i felt that maybe he was right. Because whenever we used to get projects those days from any company etc, they also wanted to get the psd file along with the completed html + css site, so I told him that well, I’ll try to work his way now! by making the design in photoshop first then and then slicing and coding it into html + css (and then to php and so on if needed)

However, once I was visiting the joomla tutorials on their official website and I came accross a statement there saying something like:

Those more graphical make an “image” of a page in a graphics program like Photoshop and then break up the images to use (known as slice and dice). More technologically inclined designers will often just jump straight into the CSS and start coding.

Honestly speaking, that statement literally made me feel bit proud :p I really feel more comfortable being called technical than a designer . . .

Even today, I prefer doing simple looking, but high tech backend and coded stuff.

Raise your hands who think is better than many sites, because they understand, although how much simple it seems to be like, it’s very high tech in the back end!

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