WordPress error showing “-1” on page only – solution

Have you encountered the error on your wordpress blog where your webpage shows only -1 written on some post and there is no more post generated below it?

I have experienced it before too but just experienced it today too.

What happened was like this: I scheduled a post yesterday to be published today. When it published on it’s time, there was an error. Just a -1 sign at the place of the post excerpt, and no more post loaded, maybe causing the script to crash or any other error.

Well, how to fix this issue? this time it was pretty much simple. I just went to my wordpress dashboard > posts. Unpublised the post by making it a draft and saving it and then publishing it again!

This published the post and there was no more minus one ( -1 ) error on the page!

If you are still unable to solve it, or the publish / unpublish button is not working or taking too long to process, then try repairing and optimizing your mysql database.

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