How to uninstall Adobe (cs4) on mac os completely

Unlike windows, mac don’t offer a install / uninstall program utility. So users usually find it confusing how to uninstall the applications from mac os completely.

This tutorial will discuss how to uninstall Adobe cs4 masters collection from your mac os.

In my case, I tried uninstalling Adobe masters collection cs4 from my mac os -x snow leopard 10.6.5 because i wanted to install cs5 on it (why didn’t I simply upgraded my cs4 to cs5 is a different story!)

You can either uninstall some of the applications of the cs4 or all of it. Also, you can chose to keep the preferences or to delete them too.

Anyway, to uninstall adobe cs4 simply follow these steps:

  1. Turn on your macbook or other mac os running system in normal mode
  2. Quit all applications including safari and firefox (don’t just close them, but quit them)
  3. Goto: <os-x drive>/Applications/Utilities/Adobe Installers and run
  4. it will ask for password, authenticate with your password
  5. Select Uninstall Components and select the check box Remove Application Preferences
  6. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the uninstall process

This will uninstall the application from your mac os-x.

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