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I’ve been trying to customize the awesome support plugin for wordpress. I wanted to allow the admin and agents to create tickets from frontend while reply to them from the front end too!

However there seems to be no option for that in their backend.

Upon searching, I found some incomplete replies from the author of plugin that this isn’t possible and if it is possible then you have to do this or that, quite vaguely. Well it’s understandable as they would like to be paid for the support and they shouldn’t be forced or expected to do this for free!

Anyway, coming back to the point, finally I was successful in achieving this. The trick was, not to modify the plugin itself, so that future updates doesn’t nullify my code by overwriting it!


Allow frontend ticket management by admin in Awesome Support

To allow the ticket management by agents from front end, make a custom plugin and add these 2 lines of code to it. You can also add them to simply functions.php file but then you’ll have to make sure that you don’t auto upgrade your theme as these changes might be lost.

The code is:

add_filter( 'wpas_agent_submit_front_end', '__return_true' );
add_filter( 'wpas_can_agent_reply_frontend', '__return_true' );

Returning true for these 2 filters will do this:

  1. wpas_agent_submit_front_end will allow submitting a ticket for agent or admin from frontend.
  2. wpas_can_agent_reply_frontend will allow the agent or admin to reply to their own or user tickets from the frontend!

The author mentioned here┬áthat this could make you lose all ticket history! Well I’m not sure what he was pointing to! So lets ignore this as we’re not using that feature anyway!

Let me know if you’re having difficulty or want me to add this or any other modification to your site using awesome support.

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