Customizing Awesome Support WordPress plugin

This posts lists different issues with awesome support plugin and how to fix them.

We’re working on versionL 3.2.9.

For any code edits, I recommend making copy of your currently working state of plugin or wordpress as a whole in fact (with all files and database).

Also, it’s better to comment the old code and add notes to the change right there, instead of editing the original code and changing it.

Make a note of the files you’ve edited, so that you can replicate the changes in any future updates.

Some changes might be possible through hooks, but anyway, sometimes left for simplicity here, but you should prefer using hooks (filters and actions) provided by the plugin.

Status dropdown disappears when filter active

The issue is because the plugin checks if post_status is selected, and if yes then it doesn’t show the status column, which is wpas_status value filter.

To fix this, simply edit this file:



if ( ('ticket' != $typenow ) || isset( $_GET['post_status'] ) ) {

And change to:

if ( ('ticket' != $typenow ) ) {

This will now sort the issue that the status drop down disappears when filter is active.

Allow admin to create and reply ticket form frontend

The new version of awesome support doesn’t support that by default.

However this can be achieved through hook.

Add this hook to your custom plugin or in your theme’s functions.php file:

add_filter( 'wpas_agent_submit_front_end', '__return_true' );
add_filter( 'wpas_can_agent_reply_frontend', '__return_true' );

Emails sent without linebreaks and paragraphs

Edit this file:



return $this->fetch( apply_filters( 'wpas_email_notifications_pre_fetch_' . $part, $value, $this->post_id ) );

And add this code above it, making it (includes line above):

// it checks if the current part of mail being processed is content, and if it is then
// adds paras and linebreaks appropriately as per wpautop function
('content' != $part) ?: $value = wpautop($value);
return $this->fetch( apply_filters( 'wpas_email_notifications_pre_fetch_' . $part, $value, $this->post_id ) );

Let me know if you have any difficulty in these codes or any other.

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