Blog shortcode not working on Avada after WordPress 4.4 update

One of my client contacted me regarding the issue that their WordPress site having avada theme broke after updating to wordpress 4.4, released yesterday.

The issue was that the blog short code in the theme wasn’t working as expected and wasn’t showing the blog posts at all.

The issue was confusing, initially it was considered to be an error or conflict with any plugin being updated, as some plugins provided update too on the same day as wordpress updated.

However, upon investigating, the error was isolated in avada theme code, not being compatible with wordpress 4.4.

Personally I have started to dislike avada theme. In fact i find a new error or bug in it almost every time I work on any clients websites which is running it. It might be good in design or what not, but the coding standard is really low and not up to the mark.

Avada doesn’t follow the latest coding standards and thus add bad code in a bad way to your website source code, which can result in losing position in search engine results (serp) while making it really hard to optimize for speed and performance.

Even after this issue, the wrote on their site “WordPress 4.4 breaks the blog shortcode”, wow! You mean wordpress broke your code! Interesting!

Anyway, back to the problem!


How to fix blog shortcode not working on Avada after WordPress 4.4 update

So If your avada 3.8.8 or any other version theme broke and is no longer showing blog posts where you used blog short code, like homepage, follow these steps:

  1. Read all the steps completely before doing any changes on your server or website, there are various options to chose from!
  2. Download this file and extract its contents:
  3. Back up your wordpress
    1. At least back up your wp-content/themes/Avada theme folder and also wp-content/plugins/fusion-core folder
  4. Unzip the file that we downloaded to extract its contents
  5. Copy the Avada folder files to the wp-content/themes/Avada folder to replace the files in it with the files in the package
  6. Copy the fusion folder files from the downloaded zip file to the wp-content/plugins/fusion-core folder to replace the fusion files with the new one too
  7. Make sure everything is working fine for you now
  8. The avada support also said something like: “You can also download the single blog fix for WordPress 4.4” by doing the following step, I don’t know what it means though, but here is the step:
    1. Download this file:
    2. unzip the file and upload the file to wp-content/plugins/fusion-core/shortcodes folder
  9. Make sure you don’t replace the folders, meaning that the files within them should remain there while only the new ones should replace the ones there with same name

Let me know if it doesn’t fix the issue for you and you want me to fix it for your site too. I can fix this issue or any other bug related to avada theme or wordpress, while also make it fast and optimize it for better performance, security and search engine optimization (SEO)

Please remember to make a backup before making any changes to your live site.

6 comments on “Blog shortcode not working on Avada after WordPress 4.4 update

  1. Hey there

    Our team released a fix for the WordPress 4.4 update right away. Only two issues were found and that is (1) The Blog shortcode issue and (2) An issue with the Fusion Builder in the Edge browser.

    Here is the fix ->

    We have a support team who can fix this issue or any other bug related to avada, while also make it fast and optimize it for better performance, security and search engine optimization (SEO)

    Feel free to create a support ticket here ->

    Thank you kindly

    1. Thanks for responding ThemeFusion. There are many bugs in it that I would like to help you in fixing if you want my services.

      E.g., a small one:

      Line 68 of Avada/framework/widgets/facebook-like-widget.php needs to be changed from:

      <div class="fb-like-box-container_<?php echo $args['widget_id']; ?> id="fb-root"></div>


      <div class="fb-like-box-container_<?php echo $args['widget_id']; ?>" id="fb-root"></div>

      (I hope you can spot the difference and error)

      Plus I updated the clients website to the recent file from the link you gave and it broke the theme and function. Had to revert it to the old version! Please let me know if you want my services to improve your theme.

  2. Hi,i have wordpress site and when i updated wordpress to 4.4 and other plugins,the blog page is not displaying any content then onwards. Please help me out solving this issue.wordpress version 4.4 , avada – 3.7.2 , fusion core – 1.7.2 . I replaced class-blog.php file and it worked but all css got changed. I am not able to find correct solution for this. Tried reactivating plugins, replacing fusion core folder contents, but nothing is working out.


      1. Hello , sorry for approaching to you late. I can make a conversation on gmail if you have no issues. As its official cannot make skype . my email id is ************

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