Sort custom column date in custom post type

This post is to simply include the code required to create a sortable date column in a custom post type. I was working with awesome support plugin and had to do several modifications to it. One of that required us to have a custom column for publish date of the post including the time of […]

WordPress Taxonomies

Taxonomies are a very powerful but less understood and less used feature of WordPress. In this post, I’ll gather different topics related to WordPress taxonomies, solving issues and solutions to different situations. How to get value of specific custom taxonomy for current post To get the value of specific taxonomy for current post, we’ll use […]

HTML2PDF issues

I was working with one of the clients site where the invoices were being converted to a pdf using mpdf library. However, as usual, there were errors encountered, so I decided to make a post related to html to pdf conversion errors and compile all the html2pdf errors in one place. This list will keep […]

Awesome support – Allow frontend admin

I’ve been trying to customize the awesome support plugin for wordpress. I wanted to allow the admin and agents to create tickets from frontend while reply to them from the front end too! However there seems to be no option for that in their backend. Upon searching, I found some incomplete replies from the author […]

Configure Cloudflare SSL on nginx using WordPress

Configuring SSL┬áis tricky sometimes, especially in cloudflare. In this post we’ll see how to implement flexible SSL offered by cloudflare on a WordPress based site running on nginx on Ubuntu 14.04 server. Please note, go step by step to avoid any misconfiguration. Doing steps in different order can result in server issues that can’t be […]

NewsPaper theme errors

One of my client is using NewsPaper theme by TagDiv. The theme is fine, however it has a lot of bugs, due to any reason, not part of this post. Anyway, first of all, when he updated the site to WordPress 4.4, the category pages pagination broke (or probably at 4.4.1, he told me today […]

MySql issues

This page will list some of the common mysql related issues and how to solve them. If you’re having any issue not listed here, please let me know through comments and I’ll try to solve them for you. PhpMyAdmin:┬áimport file size too large I was trying to import a phpmyadmin file related to one of […]

Blog shortcode not working on Avada after WordPress 4.4 update

One of my client contacted me regarding the issue that their WordPress site having avada theme broke after updating to wordpress 4.4, released yesterday. The issue was that the blog short code in the theme wasn’t working as expected and wasn’t showing the blog posts at all. The issue was confusing, initially it was considered […]

WordPress 4.4 update

WordPress released version 4.4 today, named: Clifford. It’s given this name in the honor of Clifford Brown, the jazz trumpeter. In the new era of being responsive and more connectivity, WordPress has made huge improvements in this release and improves these functions. A new theme is also included with this version call Twenty Sixteen. What’s […]

How to know if Cloudflare is working for my site

Cloudflare is an amazing service which not only secures your website but also improves its performance. However it’s important to know that adding cloudflare to your site doesn’t mean that it will go from 10 seconds load time to 1 second, just by enabling cloudflare. There is more to website speed than simply enabling a […]