Buy Phone verified Accounts (Cheap PVA’s)

Several websites / providers require you to verify your Phone number. You could utilize our service to get a phone verified account in your own country(for anonymity) as well as any other country (if your country is not supported by that website)

You can use phone verified accounts for websites like facebook, craglist, etc.for countries like USA, UK and other European countries.

Buy Phone verified Accounts (Cheap PVA’s)

If you want to purchase phone verified accounts (at very cheap rate) comment below with your requirement to get a response.

You can get as many phone verified accounts as you want and can resell them if you want to.

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45 comments on “Buy Phone verified Accounts (Cheap PVA’s)

    1. I’m not sure if it’s illegal enough to get the seller behind the bars, however it’s not my personal business, just a promotion for a friend.

    1. this comment of yours was in spam filter too, i asked for your browser and operating system so that future comments from you and others using the same platform don’t goto spam

  1. $5 per pva with 50-100 friends on it and $4 per pva with full profiled

    and lots and lots of friends on a single acct around 1k in each too..

    1. ok thanks for the info,

      please tell me one thing, this comment of yours was in my spam filter, can i know which browser and operating system you’re using please?

  2. I would also like to buy some PVA’s. Please email me details. Quick q as well. Are they phone verified from USA phones or other counties?

    1. We are a service company in USA and can supply you high quality Craigslist PVA at USD3.80 each, Minimum Order Quantity is 30 pvas.

  3. Hi There: I need Craigslist PVA. And If you are able to provide good quality PVA then there may have a very good business relationship with you and me. Anyway, Please give me some more information about yourself. (1) Where are you living? (2) What’s the guarantee period for PVAs? (if there) (3) Briefly say how you make PVAs (4) What is your best rate?

    Thanks at last,

    1. We are a service company in USA and can supply you high quality Craigslist PVA at USD3.80 each, Minimum Order Quantity is 30 pvas, can be cheaper if quantity is bigger. These accounts are made by remote DSL and geo-targeted, each is unique. Please contact us by ****** gmail dot com if you have any question.

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