Have you sold yourself yet ?

We have seen many people online looking for ways to make money online. Every where! Even we are one of them too right?

Ok so it’s a long list of ways how to earn money online and stuff, lets come to some point here. Are you selling something online?

In fact, let me be bit frank, have you sold yourself yet? I’m sure there are very few who will say Yes, and even fewer who did it right way.

Honestly speaking, there is no right or wrong way, its all about what works for you and what don’t. But, have you tried hard enough to make a conclusion that ok, out of these 268 methods I tried, these 4 are the best? obviously not!

So what should you do now? Take a piece of paper and a pen and write what services and objects you can sell online. And wait, information that you can sell? don’t think you have any of these to sell? think again!

And don’t just stop there, believe me, 60% of the things which paid me, were those which I never thought would! I mean they were some solid stuff, but I never expected them to make me earn!

Here, these are few ideas of services, objects and info you can sell online:

  1. Services
    1. Programming and development
    2. graphics
    3. content and article writing
    4. assignment writing
    5. website management
  2. Objects
    1. old clothes
    2. jewelry
    3. electronics
  3. Info
    1. tutorials for games
    2. training for professionals
    3. teaching students

There are many more ideas, this is just 0.0001 % of anyone can think of.

Update: I have compiled a list of “Sell yourself online” which will definitely have atleast 3-5 ideas for you which you can sell online and giving it away for just 0.99$ introductory price. It’s much more organized than this small intro type list above. Grab it before I change my mind and it gets expensive ;)

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