Affect of Stress on productivity

Things don’t always go the way we plan. Along the way we get stress and problems from day to day life. They can be of any nature, related to any issue in our life, or any person.

Stress is major element in down fall usually. A person keeps sitting in front of a laptop or in his room alone, doing Nothing! This nothing is always hazardous.

Had a plan to make couple of posts on your blog today or to add a couple of items to your inventory? well guess what, failed to do so just because of some stress.

But don’t you think people try to put stress on their employees? considering it a tool to help improve their productivity? Well sometimes it does.

In my personal experience, in the long run, stress always lowers the productivity. Specially in creative work. Or lets be specific, stress infact greatly affects creativity, almost diminishes it.

So what to do if you’re stressed and need to do something at that time too? Well then don’t do the creative work at that time probably! Do the routine work which just need a rhythm and routine, nothing creative.

Also, before getting to work when you’re stressed, get relaxed. Get some fresh drink, goto rest room, wash your face, etc.

Whats your experience? stress improves or reduces productivity in your case?

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