SlideUp & SlideDown an Element using CSS

As time progresses, CSS is becoming more and more powerful with features which once required extensive javascript coding or jquery plugins. One such feature is the slide up or slide down of any element on your page. For a simple slideup or slidedown (while making the element visible or hidden), we can use a simple […]

Convert Table to Div in dreamweaver using Regex

Tables can’t do various things which can be done using divs. In this tutorial I will explain to you how to convert your table based structure into div based structure while giving unique id or class to each of those divs. This can be done via search and replace too right? well there are few […]

Nabthesis – Free theme for WordPress released by Nabtron

We are proud to release our new theme named Nabthesis for WordPress today for free. The release of future versions with patches and updates will be added soon depending upon the feedback from the users. Theme download url: Download Nabthesis 1.0 Theme discussion page: Nabthesis discussion Demo: If you have any queries or suggestions, […]

How to remove Stats plugin footer smiley Stats plugin is one of the simplest, most useful and popular among most bloggers. This plugin, other than providing the statistics about the blog visitors and page view etc, adds a small smiley at the footer of the page which you might have noticed if you use this plugin. In this post we will […]

How to add text before or after an element using css

Css allows you to add any text before or after an element. Although this approach should not be applied extensively as this consumes resources on the client side, making site load slow. In this tutorial we will see how to add text before any element using css or adding it after any element using css […]

Give your site a few minutes! – minor edits make a huge difference!

Unlike most of the posts here on my blog, this one is not search engine targeted as such, but is mainly meant for the visitors who stick around here. I was asking for reviews on speed and some modifications that i made from my friend. After I was done, he asked me the same […]

How To Change Blockquote Color In Kubrick (editing css)

Kubrick theme comes as default with all new wordpress packages. It is fairly simple and cool theme and is easily customizable. One of the issue faced by someone was that they were not able to edit the blockquote (quoted text in the posts) color and the small grey line on the left of it etc. […]

How to add search bar to wordpress blog theme

In this tutorial we will discuss how to add a search bar to your wordpress theme. This is useful if u need a search bar / form to be added to your own custom wordpress theme, or if you are using some other theme, and want to add a search form in it. One way […]