How to Optimize PNG online – reducing size upto 85%

Optimizing images for your website is one of the major tasks for someone who really wants his site to have cool graphics but load quickly too. So to speedup your page load time and to reduce the image size, they need to be optimized. I tried photoshop to take off extra data from the png […]

Are you Graphical or Technical Programmer?

In october 2008, a friend of mine asked me something which I’ll like to share with you today. He asked me, why I always started directly from coding into html css when I have to design a website, rather than first making the mockup in photoshop first! because according to him that was the proper […]

Throw a shoe at Zardari Game – Joota Khappy

People hating their country’s President is nothing new. Going around like this in almost every country. Same is the condition with the people of Pakistan and their hatred towards their President Asif Ali Zardari Bhutto. This weekend a Guy in Birmingham, UK threw a shoe on the President Zardari Bhutto showing his and all nations […]

New Version of Flash Player 10.1 Beta for Android 2.2

Flash player is used among all the popular web applications nowadays and good news to hear is that a newer version of flash player 10.1 is available in the market. Flash Player 10.1 if installed on the Froyo update for Nexus one then it increases the speed of that device as compared to older versions […]

Stave Jobs refused Flash to be supported by Apple

Steve Jobs has refused to support Adobe Flash in the iPhone and iPod.He has posted a long open letter on flash, listing some of the reason why Apple has decided not to support flash on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. The letter is pretty much detailed and in depth saying Apple’s views about Flash’s drawbacks […]