Numpad on Laptop – Stupid trend

I totally understand that there are occassions where one may require a numpad on their laptop for a number of tasks, including accounting or while writing french, but not all of us are accountants, neither we’re all french! My macbook is old now and I want to upgrade, however I wanted to go for a […]

How to Restore Toshiba laptop to factory settings

Sometimes you need to factory restore your laptop (Toshiba specifically for this tutorial). You may need to factore reset your toshiba laptop after some virus attack or corrupt files which may just be disturbing or in some cases your laptop’s windows may fail to startup even. Note: All data will be erased on your hard […]

How to Factory restore Acer Laptop (Windows xp, vista, seven)

Having trouble with your system settings? or got files and settings altered or corrupt? you can restore your laptop to factory settings very easily. Follow this article if you want to factory restore your laptop (acer in my case on windows vista) Turn on your computer and as soon as it turns on press ALT […] – no more homepage?

Well summer is on it’s peak, i decided to have a peek at the dell’s summer offers and was surprised to see that their homepage is not there. Instead it redirected me to regional contact page. Don’t know if it’s a bug in their website script or did they upgraded their website themselves this way […]

Cheapest and fastest way to clean your Laptop / monitor screen

Well to some people this might seem stupid because in their view there are many products publicized in the market for the similar purpose of cleaning the laptop screen or monitor screen, but believe me there is no cheaper and fastest way to get the dust and finger marks from your laptop screen off within […]