Understanding Server Load

Server load is one of the major delay in webpage loading. However there are misconceptions about the reading of server load among general people including many programmers too. What is server cpu load? Server CPU load is something like this (from our WP SERVER plugin): Server Load Averages¬†: 0.00, 0.02, 0.00 . Running for last […]

APC vs Memcached, which one is best

The debate about the best never ends. Today one might be the best, tomorrow some other one! Same goes with caching plugins too. Today a member asked in our group that which one of the caching plugin is best, APC or Memcached. Before going into detail let me clarify that memcache is different from memcached […]

Upload website to server – using ftp client tutorial

Yesterday, I got an email from one of my friends asking that he has designed a website for himself in dreamweaver, but how to upload it to the web server now? Well, for most of us, this would be a really simple process, but for him and many others it’s not so easy task. This […]

Port 80 issue “This site is running TeamViewer” when running localserver

Teamviewer uses port 80 by default to connect which causes issues with localserver if not configured on any other port. When windows start, teamviewer waits a couple of minutes before it starts listening to port 80. If the port is not taken already by any other application, it starts using it. If the application / […]

What is “502 Bad Gateway” error

The error arises when a server (which is not necessarily a web server, acting as a proxy or gateway to fulfil and forward the request by the user at the client end to access the requested url) received an invalid response from the main upstream server which it accessed to fulfill the client request. So […]

Cloud servers vs VPS and dedicated servers (and which provider to chose)

Cloud servers or vps / dedicated servers . . .it’s all about your requirements, however, one can only chose among the options if he truly knows what each selection as to offer you! Not many people are familiar about cloud servers out there. cloud servers can be configured in a much less time (even in […]