AMP Error – boilerplate

This post solves the issue of amp boilerplate tags are malformed: The mandatory text inside tag ‘head > style[amp-boilerplate]’ is missing or incorrect. Cause was: YUI compressor (PHP) for CSS in w3 total cache (instead of default minify compressor). Solution: Change the compressor back to Minify (default), save settings and purge cache. Explanation: The boilerplate […]

Sequence of do_action & add_action using WP hooks

I was trying to hook add_action into one of the plugins do_action, however was not able to get it done until I realized that they have a sequence to be followed! In this post I will give some examples to understand this unexpected behavior and how to make it expected. Wrong way of adding add_action […]

Error: Compilation failed: invalid range in character class at offset [Solved]

If you recently updated your server to PHP 7.3, you might have seen this error message: Compilation failed: invalid range in character class at offset . . . This error is due to update in PHP 7.3 and how it handles regular expressions. Error: Compilation failed: invalid range in character class at offset I encountered […]

WordPress redirect hack [Solved]

This week, a massive hack attempt on numerous wordpress based websites happened. The hack causes your wordpress website to redirect to or any other similar website. This was an interesting find and was due to a zero day exploit in a wordpress plugin. I successfully fixed one of my clients website infected with this […]

Configure Cloudflare SSL on nginx using WordPress

Configuring SSL is tricky sometimes, especially in cloudflare. In this post we’ll see how to implement flexible SSL offered by cloudflare on a WordPress based site running on nginx on Ubuntu 14.04 server. Please note, go step by step to avoid any misconfiguration. Doing steps in different order can result in server issues that can’t be […]

NewsPaper theme errors

One of my client is using NewsPaper theme by TagDiv. The theme is fine, however it has a lot of bugs, due to any reason, not part of this post. Anyway, first of all, when he updated the site to WordPress 4.4, the category pages pagination broke (or probably at 4.4.1, he told me today […]

WP Redirect Permalink

We’re happy to announce the release of our next plugin: WP Redirect Permalink. Plugin details are as follows: Plugin Name: WP Redirect Permalink Latest version: 1.0 Download Link: WP Redirect Permalink on Github Tags: remove postid from end, change permalink, redirect, permalink Details WP Redirect Permalink plugin allows you to efficiently redirect your previous urls that […]

WP BMI – Plugin

We’re happy to announce the release of BMI widget for wordpress plugin Plugin Name: WP BMI Download Link: WP BMI on | WP BMI on github WP BMI widget allows you to show a widget on your WordPress sidebar where you visitors can check their BMI. This widget installed on your blog provide your visitors the option […]

Nginx – The uploaded file could not be moved to wp-content/uploads [solved]

While trying to upload the image in my WordPress post, I received an error saying: The uploaded file could not be moved to wp-content/uploads Server Configuration The server which got this error is: vps (unamanged with ssh/root access) ubuntu 14.04 minimal nginx with php-fpm and mysql NO ftp WordPress 4.0 The directories were in standard […]

WP LogInOut – Plugin

We’re excited to announce the launch of our next WordPress plugin for automatic login / logout links in selected menu. Plugin Name: WP LogInOut Download from Wp-LogInOut plugin The plugin uses the wp_loginout functionality and extends it to automatically show login or logout button on your selected menu. The status of login or logout […]