[Solved]Buddypress registration options plugin – Wrong datatype for second argument error

This post is meant to solve the error : Warning: in_array() [function.in-array]: Wrong datatype for second argument in /******/plugins/bp-registration-options/bp-registration-options.php on line 1594 I received this error when using bp registration options plugin with buddypress 1.5 on wordpress 3.3. To fix this error, follow these steps: 1. Goto plugin editor and select bp-registration-options plugin 2. Select […]

How to delete a group in buddypress (wordpress)

BuddyPress is an awesome WordPress plugin that I’m using on one of my bloggers related site: PakBloggers.com But unfortunately, people are so fond of spam, and same thing happens on it alot. So I needed to delete a few fake and spam created groups in buddypress but took me a while to figure out how […]

WP Server – Plugin

We’re happy to announce the release of WP Server load and uptime monitoring plugin for wordpress Plugin Name: WP Server Latest version: 2.1.3 Download Link: WP Server on WordPress.org | WP Server on GitHub Show average server load and uptime of your linux server on top in admin panel. It contains three values, first one is the […]

Thesis – add banner to header

This tutorial will help you learn how to add banner or any custom code to the header section of thesis theme for wordpress. People using thesis wordpress theme would like to use the empty space next to the logo / header part of the theme by adding some banner ad in the header or any […]

WPmudev questions answers page not found

I recently installed WPMUDEV Q & A (question and answer) plugin but when tried accessing it through: http://domain.com/questions/ it showed me a 404 not found error. My permalink structure was set to non-default but still i was getting a 404 page not found when trying to access questions and answers plugin by wpmudev from front […]

WordPress not allowing longer permalink for specific post

While publishing a post today I faced a weird issue with wordpress. When i tried to published a post, it showed a blank page on wordpress. It’s not that the page content was not present, but the it was a totally blank screen, like page not found, the post totally disappeared once it was published. […]

Recover wordpress admin password

Please note, this post explains how to recover / reset your lost wordpress admin password through database editing. If you are not comfortable with editing databases to recover wordpress admin password and need my service to reset wordpress password then please leave a message below and I will assist you in recovering the wordpress admin […]

cid=xxx in wordpress url in google webmaster tools

I have been trying to improve my website’s performance and search engine ranking lately. While checking the webmaster tools for my wordpress blog, I found out that there are numerous pages which are showing either duplicate content or else not found error. Most of these page (1000+) were normal url’s with ?cid=xxx to their end. […]

Nabthesis – Free theme for WordPress released by Nabtron

We are proud to release our new theme named Nabthesis for WordPress today for free. The release of future versions with patches and updates will be added soon depending upon the feedback from the users. Theme download url: Download Nabthesis 1.0 Theme discussion page: Nabthesis discussion Demo: http://nabtron.com/ If you have any queries or suggestions, […]

Nabthesis – Free bbpress theme

Nabthesis is a free bbpress theme by Nabtron. This theme is simple and sleek design which can be used with wordpress and bbpress integrated if your wordpress installation is using thesis theme. The theme provides same design and layout for your wordpress and bbpress installation so that your website and blog looks same! Demo: http://nabtron.com/forum/ […]