Recover wordpress admin password

Please note, this post explains how to recover / reset your lost wordpress admin password through database editing.

If you are not comfortable with editing databases to recover wordpress admin password and need my service to reset wordpress password then please leave a message below and I will assist you in recovering the wordpress admin login for your site.

WordPress password recovery Requirements:

Access to wordpress database (via phpmyadmin probably)

WordPress uses mysql database (usually, if you followed the default setup). You’ll need access to that mysql database on your server.

How to recover lost wordpress admin password:

To recover the lost wordpress password, follow these steps:

  1. login to your server’s control panel
  2. goto phpmyadmin (or other database management option)
  3. select the database that you’re using with wordpress who’s password you forgot and now want to recover
  4. select the table named: wp_users and browse the data in it
  5. find the wordpress username admin or any other that you want to reset. Click edit next to it
  6. in the password field, enter the new pass (removing the old one) in user_pass while selecting the function md5
  7. click go / save

This way you can change the password for the wordpress admin login from the phpmyadmin directly, in case you lost the wordpress password.

Update: You can now see the process in the video form too: (thanks to A Tiny Rhino)

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