Amazon Cloud front with WordPress – Review

Last week I decided to setup amazon cloud front for my wordpress blog.

Cloud front is said to be not a true CDN, but if it serves the purpose, it is! right?

So setting up cloud front took a few minutes, and it was all set. We will be having a seperate post on how to setup amazon cloud front for wordpress.

Amazon Cloud front review (with wordpress)

Ok so let’s discuss the tests and site load time difference before and after the installation to the amazon cloud front on wordpress blog. I only added the css file and couple of images to the cloud front. Later few more files too though!

Before the addition of the cloud front, the site took almost 5.5 seconds to load

With addition of only css file and few images to the cloud front, the load time was reduced to 3.5 seconds.

After adding few js files (including comment reply) etc too it got to almost 2.4 seconds.

It’s almost 40% improvement in the site load time ! seriously!

Cost price of Amazon Cloud front

I was thinking it will cost me alot! like atleast 1$ per day or so, but NO!

I have almost 3000+ visits a day on the tested wordpress blog.

And the cost per day was less than 0.05$ (yes, 0.05!) which means almost 1.5$ a month! dude! seriously!

So in my view, cloud front is a must have! for every blog who gets atleast 1.5$ a month income from the blog ofcourse! :)

If you want help to setup the amazon cloud front for your website, please let me know here: Amazon cloud front setup service

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