Faster website – lower earning! (adsense)

I improved the load speed of nabtron over past few days to make it below or near 1.5 seconds.

While doing it, I used caching tools for wordpress and content delivery network from amazon.

Ok, so what were the results? devastating!

The load time got reduced to almost 25% of the normal load time. And earning? well adsense earning also went down to 25% of the usual one!

I am still not sure why is this happening exactly.

There are few things which I noticed though, that google ads were the slowest thing on my site. So by the time they loaded, the person already skipped the top ad location. Quite logical. So that was the reason why click through rate (ctr) was low.

However, I moved the ads to under a couple of paragraphs. This dramatically increased the click through rate for adsense ads, but the ecpm (estimated cost per million) was blank! less than 1$ even and that literally shocked me!

Is it that google adsense bot considers cached content to be of lower quality than the non-cached one? Still need to confirm this!

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