WordPress not allowing longer permalink for specific post

While publishing a post today I faced a weird issue with wordpress. When i tried to published a post, it showed a blank page on wordpress. It’s not that the page content was not present, but the it was a totally blank screen, like page not found, the post totally disappeared once it was published.

The issue being faced was as follows:

  1. When i tried adding a new post, it got saved properly as draft
  2. I was able to preview while it was saved as draft (and not published)
  3. Once it was published, the page was blank on front end
  4. on homepage, it showed its excerpt in latest posts, but when clicked on the link, it opened the full page, which was a blank page with blank screen on wordpress
  5. on clicking preview changes the page was still blank
  6. upon changing the permalink slug for this post to only 2 words, it showed the post on front end
  7. tried publishing the same post on other blog and it worked perfectly fine there
  8. was not able to upload a specific image for this post, other images got uploaded easily
I am not sure what’s the reason of this though! it happened to me once in the past too!

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