NewsPaper theme errors

One of my client is using NewsPaper theme by TagDiv.

The theme is fine, however it has a lot of bugs, due to any reason, not part of this post.

Anyway, first of all, when he updated the site to WordPress 4.4, the category pages pagination broke (or probably at 4.4.1, he told me today that it’s not working anymore).

Anyway, upon investigation, it turned out this wasn’t an issue with our server or site specifically, rather it was the issue with the theme compatibility with WordPress 4.4.1.

Luckily, TagDiv had released an update to the theme (6.6.4), fixing the pagination issue.

The issue was probably experienced on the category list pages with grid turned off.

Anyway, it was great to have a fix. However the client had his theme extensively modified, so it took a while to update it.

However, once updated, the site threw a 500, internal server error!

Upon checking the error log file on nginx server, it said:

2016/01/10 23:57:07 [error] 12148#0: *9034 FastCGI sent in stderr: "PHP message: PHP Fatal error: Class 'td_wp_booster_config' not found in /server/path/wp-content/plugins/td-api-plugin/td-api-plugin.php on line 61" while reading response header from upstream, client: ...

The error is quite obvious, the issue is not with the theme, rather the plugin td-api-plugin.

The plugin was included with the theme, but upon checking, it wasn’t updated, rather was exactly the same as earlier one.

How to fix this Fatal error on NewsPaper theme?

Without going in further details as to why it occurred, etc. Here’s the solution.

  1. Goto: wp-content/plugins/td-api-plugin
  2. Edit the td-api-plugin.php file
  3. At the end of the file, change all (4) occurences of td_wp_booster_config to td_config while leaving rest of the code as it is.

This should solve the issue and your site should be working fine now.

If you still have the issue or want me to fix it for you, let me know through comments.

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