Convert Table to Div in dreamweaver using Regex

Tables can’t do various things which can be done using divs. In this tutorial I will explain to you how to convert your table based structure into div based structure while giving unique id or class to each of those divs. This can be done via search and replace too right? well there are few […]

How to remove height / width using regex from image in Dreamweaver

This tutorial is meant to give an idea to the developers about how they can use regex to remove or replace certain code from their source code using regex feature in adobe dreamweaver. For instance, consider an example page with this type of code in it repeating again and again on the entire page: <img […]

Using regular expressions in Dreamweaver

Do you know you can use regular expressions in dreamweaver? (don’t kill me if you already knew about dreamweaver regex option) Some developers who already use dreamweaver ask me about some tool to use regexp on their code. So answer to them is sometimes: you can already use regular expression in dreamweaver! (another good alternate […]

How to uninstall Adobe (cs4) on mac os completely

Unlike windows, mac don’t offer a install / uninstall program utility. So users usually find it confusing how to uninstall the applications from mac os completely. This tutorial will discuss how to uninstall Adobe cs4 masters collection from your mac os. In my case, I tried uninstalling Adobe masters collection cs4 from my mac os […]