Using regular expressions in Dreamweaver

Do you know you can use regular expressions in dreamweaver? (don’t kill me if you already knew about dreamweaver regex option)

Some developers who already use dreamweaver ask me about some tool to use regexp on their code. So answer to them is sometimes: you can already use regular expression in dreamweaver!

(another good alternate could be notepad++ for those who don’t have dreamweaver installed)

To use regular expression and apply them on your code or text content in dreamweaver, it’s very simple.

Simply open your file in dreamweaver normally. Once opened, open the search – find/replace box (by pressing ctrl+F ) and you will find a checkbox at the bottom of the box saying use regular expression (image below – click to enlarge)

This way you can use any regex code in dreamweaver and there’s no need for any other program to fulfill your programming needs!

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