403 error after copying files online

One of my friend just uploaded his WordPress website from localhost on which he was developing it to the online cpanel server. Once the website was on the server, all files in place, and tried to open the website by going to its url, boom, a 403 forbidden error! What is 403 forbidden error 403 […]

is_single not working in functions.php wordpress [Solved]

I’ve been trying to add a condition for is_single() in my WordPress themes functions.php to show ads on blog posts only and not on other pages. However, the condition, if(is_single()){} wasn’t working as expected, i.e, it wasn’t returning positive for single post page too and thus failing again n again. Upon investigating and playing around, the […]

Show code on Single Post page only – WordPress

While working on wordpress, there might be something you wanna show on your single post page only and not on every content page of your wordpress blog or website. This can be done by using builtin is_single() function of wordpress. Showing ads (adsense ofcourse ?) on your single post page only and not on other […]

How to get WordPress current post author ID and other details

Yesterday while coding a function to show different adsense code for different author, I needed to find the author ID of that post to show the relevant google adsense code with it. The issue was solved by the wordpress builtin function get_the_author_meta. The official reference page for get_the_author_meta function for wordpress says that it has […]

WordPress 3.8 “Parker” released – it is beautiful

WordPress has released WP 3.8 as a new year gift for 2014. This beautiful looking and well designed piece of update is really sleek and amazing. It’s not just a different look type update. The look and feel is entirely sleek and professional now and much more user and eye-friendly. With that being said, there […]

WordPress “No comments found” error [solved]

Sometimes, due to errors with your mysql database, when you goto wordpress admin and look into “comments” section of your wordpress backend, you’re welcomed with a message saying: No Comments found. Well, it happened with me too, more than once. I was pretty much sure that the comments do exist and the content is there, […]

What I use to stop SPAM comments on Nabtron

Whenever someone asks me about which platform to use for blogging, I obviously recommend my favorite, WordPress, but after a couple of weeks of using it, they always start complaining about the number of spam comments being posted on their blogs. Well guys, fighting spam is an issue everywhere, yeah, but what do I do […]

WordPress 3.3.1 available to download

WordPress released 3.3.1 update today which includes updates to several files but the database version remains the same. This is a maintenance release and it fixes 15 issues which were present in wordpress 3.3. This also fixes a cross-site scripting vulnerability found in wp 3.3 , so it’s a highly recommended security update. You can […]

WordPress 3.3 “Sonny” released

WordPress announced release of the new version 3.3 named “sonny” and is now available for download. There are hundreds of modifications in 3.3 version from the last 3.2. For general users and for developers too. You can upgrade wordpress to 3.3 from dashboard or by downloading it directly from wordpress.org

Fatal error: Call to a member function get_var() on a non-object in – Solved

I was writing a WordPress plugin and encountered an error saying: Fatal error: Call to a member function get_var() on a non-object in ……. on line …. The code was clear and short and didn’t have any such bugs to cause fatal errors. However, there was something missing which caused this error. To solve this […]