WordPress 3.3 about to release

Yesterday WordPress announced WordPress 3.3 beta 4 after covering alot of bugs and issues in the 3.3 beta 3. Currently, there are only 6 active issues in the wordpress trac for wp 3.3. Which means that wordpress 3.3 final release should be available for download within a few days. However, as this release has many […]

How to delete a group in buddypress (wordpress)

BuddyPress is an awesome WordPress plugin that I’m using on one of my bloggers related site: PakBloggers.com But unfortunately, people are so fond of spam, and same thing happens on it alot. So I needed to delete a few fake and spam created groups in buddypress but took me a while to figure out how […]

How to add Edit This link to wordpress theme post page

An Edit This link button is very handy for wordpress blog administrators to click and edit any post on the blog without first going to backend and finding that particular post to edit. This “Edit this” link is visible only to the admins and not to the general public. The Edit This link can be […]

WordPress plugin not working properly – checklist

I’ve been trying to install and make “donation can” plugin for wordpress to work properly on nabtron but wasn’t successful. Tried contacting the developer and they were kind enough to respond. The issue was, when the donate button was clicked, I was sent to the right page which is “http://nabtron.com/donation_can_ipn/start_donation” however it stopped there instead […]

What is Trackback and Pingback – WordPress blog

If you use wordpress to blog you might have noticed that you receive “trackbacks” or “pingbacks” on your posts other than comments. Not many people are aware with the term trackback and pingback, they’re pretty simple things though! Trackback Trackback is a type of link back in which any other website (or your own page) […]

[WordPress.org Plugins] Request Approved: wp-wrapper?

I submitted a plugin request to wordpress.org svn repository today morning and it got approved within 6 hours! (and on sunday! yay!) Feeling great about it! I was expecting them to point out atleast 1 mistake in it but luckily it was all fine ! :) Download Link: WP Wrapper on WordPress.org This is the email […]

Do you license your scripts before giving it to the client?

If you’re a programmer or developer, you might had numerous events in your life in which the client didn’t pay you for all your hard work. Happens to me too! I’ve been planning for long to start licensing and sort of encrypting some part of the scripts to the clients who don’t pay advance (or […]

Contact form 404 error when Post – wordpress

Was finishing the wordpress plugin partially coded by my team member and while trying to submit it as POST twenty twelve theme said: This is somewhat embarrassing, isn’t it? Well honestly speaking, yes it was, coz after trying few different things (including removing the plugin completely) it still gave this error. (You can refresh the […]

How to add sidebar to wordpress theme for widgets – tutorial

In this post you will learn how to add a sidebar to wordpress theme so that you can add widgets to that area. How to add sidebar to wordpress theme You will be able to control this theme on the wordpress backend (in widgets panel) and will also learn how to show this sidebar on […]

Purpose of l10n.js and how to remove it from wordpress head

From wordpress 3.1 onwards l10n.js is added to the head section of the page automatically. Purpose of l10n.js in wp head L10n.js (ya its not i10n) is added in the wordpress head automatically to convert the html entetities into the read characters they represent. This have various practical and security applications. How to remove l10n.js […]