What is Trackback and Pingback – WordPress blog

If you use wordpress to blog you might have noticed that you receive “trackbacks” or “pingbacks” on your posts other than comments.

Not many people are aware with the term trackback and pingback, they’re pretty simple things though!


Trackback is a type of link back in which any other website (or your own page) has linked to this post / page. E.g if I add a link to your post in this article, you will receive a track back. Track back simply informs the website owner that someone has given a link to his post on their website.


Well pingback does almost same as what Trackback does. Only difference is that once your wordpress will receive a notification via pingback protocol, it will check back on that page to confirm if the link really exists, and if it does then pingback is recorded.

Trackbacks are more prone to spam.

However, I personally have disabled pingbacks and trackbacks on my wordpress, as they’re 99.9% used for spam and backlinks.

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