Pak Bloggers Meetup – 30 oct 2011

We’ve planned a bloggers meetup on coming sunday, 30th october 2011 at 6:30 o 9:30 pm

The event was planned and decided quite hurriedly and got great response. We’ve almost 24 confirmed attendees and 18 maybe attending ones.

The event will be shared live via Google Hangouts.

Facebook link for the event is:

For updates keep in touch with me at: 03365256593 (Nabeel Khan)

We’re going to organize meetups in other cities soon too after the success of this meetup.

Purpose of this meetup is to have discussions among the bloggers, plan future meetups and seminars, have some fun, know each other and all.

Be part of the gathering and get to know some awesome people and stuff going around you!



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