Do you license your scripts before giving it to the client?

If you’re a programmer or developer, you might had numerous events in your life in which the client didn’t pay you for all your hard work. Happens to me too!

I’ve been planning for long to start licensing and sort of encrypting some part of the scripts to the clients who don’t pay advance (or even then for a few, from whom I fear a charge back) but never did it till now.

I’ve been working on a project day and night for last couple of days and today the client told me that I have to submit him the code and he will pay me some time later. Asking for an extra favor to be precise.

Well, I can’t say No (I tried to though) but as I have already completed the code so I had to agree. But today I thought of licensing this wordpress plugin I was working on.

I coded a system of checking license and responding with a csv value to the checking script. Rest of the action takes place at that scripts end.

From thinking about coding it and to the end, it took me almost 3-4 hours only and I was wondering why didn’t I ever think about doing it before!

I will be making it more “distributable” soon and will give out to all you guys too so that you can license your scripts (probably for a small fee :) )

Do you currently use any techniques? Other than licensing I also obfuscated and had some common encryption applied to it too.

2 comments on “Do you license your scripts before giving it to the client?

    1. 1. zend suite isn’t free
      2. it needs modifications to clients server in order to make our encrypted code to work (some servers have them already setup, but not all)

      So it’s not a good idea imho.

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