WordPress 3.3 about to release

Yesterday WordPress announced WordPress 3.3 beta 4 after covering alot of bugs and issues in the 3.3 beta 3.

Currently, there are only 6 active issues in the wordpress trac for wp 3.3. Which means that wordpress 3.3 final release should be available for download within a few days.

However, as this release has many changes in the structure and alot of cool enhancements, plugin and theme developers might need to have a look into their extensions to confirm that they’re compatible with the new version of wordpress.

Expected date of release for 3.3 should be by the end of november 2011.

There are not only numerous bug fixes in this release but also alot of enhancements to the core as well as the layout of the admin panel.

Although this is not a U-Turn release and completely different from 3.2, thats why it’s just 3.3, not 4.0, but it has some really nice things implemented to it.

Hopefully we will have much more breakthrough in coming versions. I wish and plan to add my work to the next versions of wordpress too inshaAllah! :)

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