Errors and bugs in Google

No system is perfect. It’s just coded and maintained by humans like you and me.

Similarly Google have many bugs too. One of which I encountered today

I plan to include more bugs as I remember or encounter along the way in this post too! however, let’s start with the one that I remember for now:

When changing user for Google Docs

One of my client created a Google Doc for me and added my email id to allowed persons list to view the document. I clicked on the link and by chance I was logged in with different id. This is what the Google Docs error page said:

You need permission to access this item.

You are signed in as *********, but you don’t have permission to access this item. You can request access from the owner or sign-in as a different user. Learn more

Sign in as a different user

Upon clicking the link saying Sign in as a different user, it took me to a very familiar but not expected and unpleasant page saying:

Internal Server Error

Error 500

This should have taken me to the logout page and the page to login with the gmail or google id that I want to use to view this Google Doc document!

Anyway, this is seriously a thing to be fixed by google along with many others left badly in their system!

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