Godaddy and PayPal payment issue!

No matter how much I “try” to like godaddy, I’m almost always disappointed. Well honestly, I just added “almost” for the sake of saying it, because it’s like always!

In past whenever I’ve tried to call their customer support for any support, they failed to provide it! The customer service representatives who we talk to have no power over anything and thus they end up telling us what we already know or can do through our web panel!

Godaddy and PayPal payment issue

Today I was trying to renew one of my domains that I registered through godaddy and I wanted to make a payment through the paypal account I have.


Well, actually I wanted to use it as a last option because all other options failed apparently. Including:

  1. My prepaid master card (by payoneer) had low balance, so I wasn’t able to make the purchase as I did normally before
  2. The debit card I had wasn’t able to make a payment to godaddy. I’m not sure if it was a godaddy issue or my banks issue, but there was this issue! duh!
  3. The credit in my godaddy account vanished somewhere! I called the guys and asked where it was and they said they can’t see it there! obviously I don’t see it there too that’s why I’m asking you! come on!
  4. I couldn’t see paypal option in the payment options anymore. I was able to see it since yesterday, however it vanished after godaddy went bad somehow specifically with my account!

Now what was the issue with the paypal account?

Well my paypal account isn’t linked with any credit card of bank account.

Well No, it’s not limited, I can easily send and receive payments through it, however it’s not linked to any bank account or credit card for that matter. I use it online to make payments for various services and other hosting websites too perfectly easily. However, godaddy seems to have the issue with that ease!

I called the staff and they said that I should be able to see the option, I said I can’t see it that’s why I’m asking you! there was no helpful response!

Also, I really don’t get the idea why godaddy is looking for our credit card attached to the paypal account. They should accept the payment made to them and mind their own business that either that account has any bank account or credit card attached to it. It’s not a limited account that’s why paypal is allowing to send a payment through it in first place! duh!

Now here I stand. I asked the guy to extend the domain expiry and deletion date (probably today is the last date) so that I can refill my prepaid master card and make the payment, he replied that he can’t! :) so sweet! then what can you do that I can’t do right from my online account? what’s the point of this weird support team when they don’t have any authority and power to help someone who’s really stuck!

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