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Serious Errors in 1and1.com system

Well almost every system has some bugs and errors thought but today while registering a domain at 1and1.com I faced some really weird errors and bugs. Which literally freaked me out and made me wonder if they were really reliable!

I’ll start reviewing 1and1 domain registration system in sequence – the first error in 1and1 is not “serious” bug but a bad impression at their side.

Errors and Bugs in 1and1.com domain registration system

1. When registering a domain account, 1and1 asked me to enter my address and there were almost every country of the world listed (even Palestine and Afghanistan) but not “Pakistan”. It seriously freaked me out ! anyway I continued by selecting a random country and continuing after emailing their support

2. Once I was on the paypal payment page, the logo was missing. The logo attached to 1and1 paypal payment page was linked to “https://order.1and1.com/oneandone_us/img/order/header_paypal.jpg” which was loudly “not found”

3. Once payment was completed and paypal asked me to return to the merchant website, it stuck in the loop. The page said:

Payment Data Accepted

Welcome back from PayPal.

Please click continue to review your entire order before submitting it.

Clicking continue never did anything. Kept me looping on the same post and then I thought to speak this out and tell all other who’re looking for 1and1 review.

I’m not saying that they’re scam or fraud. But I’m trying to say that they seriously need to check their registration process once in a while!

3 Responses to Serious Errors in 1and1.com system

  1. Eric

    Nice post. I should have searched the internet for 1and1 and read your post before being a victim of their problematic website. Have you heard anything from them? I sent them an email because i’m worried that they have my credit info and probably charged me without me knowing. Also, upon searching the internet I learned that 1and1 is the worst domain registrar out there. Have you tried namecheap?

    • Dr. Nabeel

      no didn’t have any response from them

      I use netfirms and godaddy for most of my domains

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