How to see All time Earning on Infolinks

Infolinks allows the publishers to show reports for the money they’ve made from their website or blog so far for:

  • passing week
  • this month
  • last three month
  • last month

Infolinks also gives an option to chose the date range for which you want to see the earnings report for.

However, sometimes we might wish to see all our earnings, which we have earned so far. Infolinks don’t have any “all time earnings” options. This post will tell you how you can see all time earnings on infolinks publisher panel.

How to view all time earnings on infolinks

1. Goto infolinks and to the reports page

2. Select the option for custom date range and click in the first (from) box

3. Change the date back to any previous one (I change the year to last one or so, say 2010)

4. (optional) chose the option “summary only” because the long infolinks earning reports list list can hangup your computer!

5. Click on display report to see the report (for all time earning till now) showing total amount earned so far with net impressions, ctr, cpm , clicks and earnings


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