Godaddy domain renewal discount 25%

I just renewed by 3 domains that were expirion this week on Godaddy and got 25% discount on them.

Two of them were .com and one was

How did I get it? Well it’s quite simple, I opened the chat now at shopping cart page and asked the support guy to add a discount for me if it’s possible and he did it!

It’s quite simple!

I know some people might not chat even after reading it, but trust me, it will work! So do it!

Screenshot of original order price without godaddy discount coupon:

godaddy domain renewal discount

Note the “chat now” button. Use this to talk to the support person and get discount.

Updated checkout price after applying godaddy domain renewal discount coupon for 25% discount on renewals:

godaddy domain renewal discount 25 percent


I hope it helps! Let me know if you have any query.

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