Google lost “Interest” in Pakistani bloggers

Google has recently target a mass of adsense accounts held by Pakistan based bloggers and web masters.

The reason for disabling the google adsense account was given mostly as “uninteresting” ! wtf?

Now who decides whats interesting and what’s not?

Google is playing around with almost 90% of Pakistani blogs by disabling their adsense account and just calling them uninteresting!


2 comments on “Google lost “Interest” in Pakistani bloggers

  1. I don’t think doing this kind of acts is a good move to promote blogging. Blogging is a kind of education and information for a lot of new comers on the internet. Where google is promoting education world wide, such kind of their actions in Pakistan will put a negative impact on education and technology on the internet. Before I thought only Indians Cricket are biased. But now google made me change my opinion.

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