iPhone iOS 5 upgrade error – 3002

I made a post more than an year ago about iphone iOS 4.0 error 3002 which is getting quite a hits these days due to iOS 5 release and people trying to upgrade it ofcourse!

So the error is that when you try to upgrade your iPhone to iOS 5 it gives error 3002.

I haven’t upgraded my iPhone to iOS 5 yet, but I will share the solution that worked for iOS 4 upgrade, might help (and should too) in upgrading your iPhone to iOS 5 successfully and avoinding the iphone 3002 error.

How to fix iPhone iOS 5 upgrade error – 3002

Solution is to “restore”

Thats right, you can download iOS 5 from internet and simply use the “shift + restore” button to select the downloaded ipsw file for your device.

After restoring it, it will be same as upgrading your iPhone and you won’t get any such error.

I don’t know why apple releases software without thoroughly testing them! comeon!

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