No no! Nabtron will continue – with more passion!

As you might have noticed that got its adsense blocked, but this post is just to update, that NO! Nabtron wasn’t made for adsense! it will remain!

Infact ads were put on after more than 1 year of launching it. The purpose of nabtron is different, not to earn by ads.

One affect that might come now is speed issue. As I’ll be downgrading my hosting to a bit cheaper server resources, as the adsense income helped serve the website with speed (as you might be noticing). But that’s yet to be decided!

We’ll now be focusing more on service providing and launching our products (most of them are 70-80% ready but never make up to our own inventory! a major flaw in my programming life style)

So stay tuned for great products and same or even better info shared to you!

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