Why Government of Pakistan threatened banning Google

Couple of weeks back government of Pakistan stated that it may ban google from operating in Pakistan if they don’t hand over the information critical to the countries security situation.

Google was requested to submit the data related to terrorists across its domains including gmail and youtube.

But google refused to provide any such data. Even on the courts order. And an FIR was lodged against Google Pakistan data center administrator for protecting terrorists.

It is to be noted, it’s not against Google terms and past record to provide data to relavant departments. For example, google recently handed over data related to wikileaks to CIA “without” any warrant.

So why was Google reluctant in handing over the data of CIA linked terrorists and other militants bred by (obviously) anti state elements is still not clear.

Possibly related, or maybe not, but Google has mass banned almost 90% (unconfirmed) accounts of Pakistanis without mentioning the website names in emails to any of them as to which caused their accounts being disabled, all within 24 hours, on 13th birthday of Google. Some people (or most maybe) are considering it a cheap and desperate move by Google.

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