Moneygram held my payment due to “Muhammad” in my name

Thats right! I received a payment from a client long time back on my name (Muhammad Nabeel Khan) and when I went to the moneygram office here in my city to collect it, boom, it was held.

I asked them the reason they said there is no reason to be told. Just held.

However, upon spending some time with the staff at the office and being nice to them, one of them told me that well, system held your payment because your name contains “Muhammad” (and Khan possibly) in it.

He asked me to request the sender to cancel the payment and then either send to me without Muhammad in my name or else send in someone elses account. Hell no! I refused to do so and continued contacting them and pressurizing them to clear my payment.

Any how, payment went back and then never used moneygram again. (atleast not at the extent of giving up my name!)

Did you ever have any such experience with moneygram blocking payments?

7 comments on “Moneygram held my payment due to “Muhammad” in my name

  1. It is stupid behavior from money gram. Muhammad is the most popular and widely used name through out the world. What else can I say about moneygram except ‘ go to hell’

  2. All the muslims should think about it, only by the name of Muhammad they held our money. it means that; they are all hate muslims. we should open our own muslim community by which people can easily send money anywhere.
    western Union is also doing like that but they are not like money gram they block your money but after 15mins they give you money.

  3. Today here is Eid and I send money back home in in emergency but shit money gram block pyment AND MY FAMILY SUFFERED offic close here in UK I CALL lady WHO said working there she said if In ur name contain MUHMMED , AHMED ,HASSAN , HUSSAIN , ALI , THEY WILL BLOCK YOU WITHOUT ANY REASON I don’t think so I will go with them any more BYE BYE MONEYGRAM FOREVER

    1. This is really silly from moneygram. It seems like they’re trying to pinch and trouble the muslims intentionally. The system can simply reject the payment when it is being sent and not accept it at all instead of blocking it during the process.

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