How to fix the White/Blank Cydia icon after iOS 5 jailbreak

Some users reported seeing a white cydia icon after jailbreaking their iPhone 4 on iOS 5.

Follow these steps to fix the blank Cydia icon after iPhone 4 iOS 5 jailbreak:

How to fix the White/Blank Cydia icon after iOS 5 jailbreak

1. disconnect your iPhone from the computer

2. run redsn0w on your computer

3. Click “Extras” and check “Just Boot” from the options provided

4. Redsn0w will ask you to connect your iPhone to the computer and turn it off.

5. Follow the on screen instructions from redsn0w and goto next screen by pressing “next”

6. Put your iPhone into DFU mode (yeah! same old one) – follow on screen steps to make your iPhone enter dfu mode

7. Once all goes fine, your iPhone will restart with pwnage icon (redsn0w files working on it) on the screen. Let it finish its tasks

8. Once the process completes and your iPhone boots up, you’ll see normal Cydia icon and Cydia launch will work properly without any errors or issue.

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25 comments on “How to fix the White/Blank Cydia icon after iOS 5 jailbreak

  1. I’m new to this jailbreak stuff own heaps of i devices but it was so easy to do and when i finally jb my iPhone4 with iOS 5 came up with blank icon this helped me figure it out in secs THANKYOU!

  2. OMG I love you! I love you! I love you! I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I still dont think don’t think that enough!!!!

  3. so ive tried this so many times, cant get the white icon to go away and safari crashes, i do exactly as everyone says, ive googled it so much, iphone 4 16 gb not unlocked or anything, using redsnow, so many times ive tried

      1. Hi my cydia white icon issue fixed but other apps which i installed thru cydia i.e Bytafont turns to white even i tethered reboot it several times, any idea to solve this?? Tq

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