Apple iPhone App Store Criminal Approval Policies

Recently i came through many iPhone Apps which were simply rubbish and even objectionable ( + fake) yet still available in iPhone App Store and NO, NOT FOR FREE. Means? Well it means iPhone app store internal persons are earning through these sort of cheap tactics by introducing catching names and selling those names.

Why am i blaming Apple for this? because So called policy makers of Apple refuse many many important Apps from their Apple app store. Some of the applications refused from iPhone App store which were genuinely great and helpful in every day tasks are:

  • Blue tooth applications
  • Google Dialer
  • Business demonstration apps
  • etc

But what are they approving? Apps like one of the app Titled as:

x ray scanner to see under clothes

Oh come on! the stupid seller and developer of this App is definitely linked with the Apple App store officials otherwise how can a cheap app like this be approved and available in app store for almost 1$ (0.99$)

And believe me, their description says it’s a real scanner and does some infra red waves thing to work it out!

Apple allowed this cheap + fake information app in the app store and yet refuses many productive and very much demanded apps from their app store? Sick! Isn’t it criminal? aren’t they doing a crime?

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