iPhone iOS 4.0 upgrade error – 3002

Note: click here if you’re looking for iOS 5 upgrade error 3002.

While trying to upgrade your iPhone OS from firmware 3.x (probably 3.1.3) to iOS 4.0 you would have received the error: 3002 just like I did. Well the error message said:

The iPhone “nabphone” could not be updated. An unknown error occurred (3002).

Pretty annoying. . .  isn’t it? tried again to upgrade but no use! Ah well… then how to fix this 3002 error while upgrading iPhone firmware from 3.x to 4.0? simple! Read along!

This error occurred when you try to upgrade your iPhone OS firmware to iOS 4.0 (or any other in your case maybe too). Then how to fix this issue? Use the restore instead of upgrade. Yeah! restore and it will do the same thing as it does in upgrade, provided that it will not give this error.

You can download the ipsw for your iPhone model and then restore by shift restore in windows / alt restore in mac

Isn’t it funny that this error comes with the latest 9.2 version of iTunes! I mean oh comeon! you released 9.2 for the purpose of upgrading iOS 4.0 and it gives errors and bugs! dude! do you even check what you release before you make it public? Or maybe they kept this error there intentionally for the user with jailbroken and / or unlocked iPhones? (don’t know if any normal user faced this error in this situation too).

Update: It happens to non jailbroken iPhone / iPod users too. (thanks to Nikhil)

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    1. did you try the “restore” instead of upgrade Nikhil?

      (you can download the ipsw for your iPhone model and then restore by shift restore in windows / alt restore in mac )

      1. Yes I did right bedew reading this article. The only reason that I commented was because you said in the post that you weren’t sure if it only happened to jailbroken users. Thanks!

  1. Thanks a lot for the solution, it worked perfectly for my jailbroken 3G.
    I wonder why this bug is not documented on the official Apple site yet…


    1. i mentioned that above in the comments “(you can download the ipsw for your iPhone model and then restore by shift restore in windows / alt restore in mac )”

      adding this to article too.

  3. Nabel thank you for this useful article…it just sucks i have to wait for my ipod to restore from its backup. Apple fixes something and along with the fix brings other errors. they are so stupid done they do tests on there software’s?

      1. Yes, but apple has had this ongoing trouble with all these errors. It seems they almost deliberately do it to have their users constantly upgrading, and with upgrading bringing different things to users attention. for example when i downloaded the 9.2 itunes today because of the 4.0 software i got information about how the brand new iphone is so good yada yada. i believe its their way of advertising in a way. Sorry if this doesn’t make complete sense.

  4. wow.. thanks for the tip.. I was going crazy dealing with the “Update” thing for like 30 minutes already. 2 thumbs up!!

  5. Help,

    when I tried to update the phone I got error 3002 by using a ipsw file and when I tried using restore again with ipsw file. It says that I am not able to connect the server. I also updated my itunes to 9.2

    Please help….

    1. if it isn’t able to connect to server then probably your internet connection have some error. Can you connect to iTunes store via iTunes?

      1. Yes mate, I am able to connect to Itunes stores using itunes… but no luck with restore as it still continues saying that itunes is not able to connect to server temporarly

        1. Probably they updated the files on servers, but as their regional servers update takes some times, that’s why it may be causing delay for you. Just wait for some hours or a day and try again.

          This happened to me last year too.

          1. Thanks for your prompt reply… will try that too… I wait for a day or two and try upgrading …


          2. you’re welcome, will wait for an update from you. i tried to advice to the best of my knowledge and understanding, i hope it gets fixed by 24 hours.

          3. Hey that worked… thanks … But now landed with another new problem.

            My bro has a 3gs iphone which was jailbroken with Blackra1n for 3.1.2. As I had to jailbreak everytime i restart the phone as the iphone would automatically go to restore mode when I restart. I thought of jailbreaking with redsnow 0.9.4. But the iphone instead of jailbreaking went completely dead. Now if i try connecting the iphone to itunes the itunes does not recognize the iphone and neither the apple logo appears on the iphone when I try to start the iphone.

            I have tried everything to get the iphone to start or even show apple logo such as holding the switch off button on top together with the main iphone button. But nothing works need to somehow get to the restore screen on iphone and get the iphone working. Please help mate

  6. I have a jailbroken iPhone 3G on 3.1.2… I keep getting the same error when I try to update. I have tried to do Alt + Restore and that fails, too. I’m trying to restore this phone, update to 4.0, and then jailbreak + unlock it. Any ideas of why it keeps failing for me? Thanks!

  7. hey nabeel i thought i would tell you and everyone

    that if you have a 2nd generation ipod do not update

    its seriously no use for you

    3rd gen users get it all though :)

    i saw the updates and i purchased myseelf a 32gb itouch 3rd gen

    srsly your missing out if yu have 2nd gen

    sell it and buy a new one

  8. Is this just me or is this “CRAP” OS a fuckton slower than the OS3 ?

    Im using an Iphone 3G … And tbfh its so slow that i dont know if i should throw my iphone out the window or just run it over with my car …

    Downgrades … Is that possible ? Or do you know if they plan on doing something to this OS4 ? :)

  9. Well ive tried with diffrent chargers … So it isnt that :)

    And i have no problems with my battery as its almost full at all times (i tend to charge it when its low (takes a few days ^^).

    So its not that :)

    And the OS3 didnt have any problems.

    Also i spoke to other Iphone users and they are ALL having these problems with the new OS4 … Some of em have already changed their iphone to another phone…
    I dont want to as im “in love” with the iphone theme…

    What can i do ?

  10. I did Shift+Restore to restore to 4.0 so i could use jailbreakme. Since 4.0.2 is out i couldnt upgrade normally. should i upgrade to 4.0.2 then downgrade to 4.0???

  11. hey i had erro 3000 on itunes 9 then on itunes 9.2 it had erro 3002
    i t restor thing it gived me erro 3194 ??!!
    my iphone is 3g version 3.1.2(7d11)? modem firware 5.11.07 and jailbroken

  12. ….? i get a 3002 error on the restore AND the update trying to downgrade. then my friend tried to restore to 4.0 (which is what he already had) and it gave him the same error.

  13. hello i cant seem to get away from this error ihave an iphone 3gs with 4.0.2 version and i wanna downgrade to 4.0.1 but i keep getting the 3002 error and i cant find where it says restore it only syas restore?upgrade can you please help me i been having trouble for 2 days thank you

  14. I have a iPhone 4 iOS4 4.0.2 I tried Downgrading I got error 3194 3014 3002 I’m having troubles here I don’t think I have SHSH files to Cydia from the Make my life easyer <3 button. I have tried Downgrading to 4.0 and 4.0.1 nothing seems to be working I used TinyUmbrella Tss server and everything nothing is working. I edited my files C:\Windows\drivers\etc I edited the file in there and I have done as much as I know. Please help me…

  15. Hey guyzzz i hav 3gs 3.1.3 i hav updated to 4.0 it is stuck in select in emergency i can jailbreak or nt help help plzzzzzz

  16. Hi, I’m trying to upgrade to iphone 4.0. and when I do both the alt – restore and alt – update, I keep getting the 3002 error. I tried to downgrade my itunes 10 to itunes 9.2.1 and I still keep getting the error. Does anyone know any method to be able to upgrade to iphone 4.0.2 without getting the error.


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