Google protecting Terrorists in Pakistan – News

Google a popular search engine and a web service provider (ya we all know that) has denied to give information that might help the intelligence agencies to track down terrorists in Pakistan.

Google PakistanIt’s not sure why google is protecting terrorists. Just to show unimportance of Pakistan to their system or because their initial funding source (rumored) CIA don’t want Pakistani agencies and the world media to know something which might be got from Google Pakistan’s data.

It’s important to note that Pakistan security agencies are asking for only Google Pakistans Data. Which is located, operated and administered within Pakistan mostly by Pakistani employees.

Google apparently says it helps governments of countries it operates in.

We all know the situation between China and Google in which Google was shut down in China due to not abiding by the rules of the Chinese Government to operate in their country.

It’s a well rumored stuff that Google is CIA funded project and provides all data to them and operates in accordance with their regulations.

Its not clear why is this hype going on in this situation.

Currently it’s not clear why Google isn’t providing info to the security agencies to help them fight against terrorism. Maybe it’s because they’re expecting some cash in return or maybe CIA don’t want “something” to be knkown by intelligence agencies and the world.

Or is it really true that Google Pakistan has really denied access to data to the security agencies or this is just a coverup for a bigger game plan? Whats your view?

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