Google’s logo for Pakistan Independence Day (Doodle)

Google changed its logo for Pakistan’s Independence Day today (doodle).

The new logo is green in color with Minar-e-Pakistan in it too. The logo contains the crescent and the star in it too which is the part of flag of Pakistan too.

See the new logo below:

google logo for Pakistan independence day

Isn’t the logo beautiful?

Happy Independence Day!

10 comments on “Google’s logo for Pakistan Independence Day (Doodle)

  1. It is so beautiful.We can make so many beautiful logos for Pakistan.Thanks to google for displaying such beautiful logos:)

  2. beautiful doodle…for a second there I thought Google wouldn’t bother because it was PAKISTAN independence day…

  3. Thanks Google for showing pak flag it’s amazing for us thanks again ????????????????????????????????? HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY ????? ??

  4. Thank you dear google being a Pakistani today . very good job.
    khan obaidullah
    Nurse Educator/ Manager.

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